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Long Crypto.

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To thank the early donors for their support, donors who donated ≥ 0.1 ETH can get a commemorative NFT blind box.Limited to the first 500 donors.

Begin with Lunch

Long Crypto .

LunchDao is a DAO autonomous organization that bids for "Buffett's Lunch" , it also promotes Buffett and the traditional financial industry behind him to enter the Crypto industry. We will raise a certain amount of funds by issuing DAO governance tokens to compete with the global high capital class for "Buffett's lunch" and send DAO members to Buffett's table. LunchDao is willing to become the world's largest decentralized Dao community who be able to communicates with traditional financial industry and cooperates in a win-win situation.

This is a challenge to traditional financial asset by LunchDao members.



LunchDao do.

  • We will raise ETH and launch $Lunch as a reward, and $Lunch will also become the only governance token of Dao
  • All donors can mint tradable NFT for free, and one participant will be drawn from all NFT holders to joining in Buffett’s lunch
  • We will auction Buffett's lunch on ebay.
  • We will select 7 Dao members to participate in the Buffet lunch.

return cooling-off period

After the fundraising completed, the refund channel will be opened. Users will have 3 weeks of return cooling-off period, so that who do not want to claim tokens can go to the LunchDao official website to return the donated ETH. read more


Launch JuiceBox

and raise ETH

Launch JuiceBox

and raise ETH

Raise ETH and issue $Lunch tokens according to the white paper rules.

Participate in

Buffett's lunch auction

Participate in

Buffett's lunch auction

Auction Buffett's lunch and select designated Dao members to participate.

Invite more traditional

Financial giants

Invite more traditional

Financial giants

Invite more traditional financial giants to join the dinner.

Improve the

LunchDao ecosystem

Improve the

LunchDao ecosystem

Improve the LunchDao ecosystem and long Crypto.
Comming soon!

Share Twitter to Receive an NFT invitation for

$Lunch airdrop and the right

to attend Buffett's Lunch.

  • Rule: 10000 token per valid user
  • The tweeter with the most retweets will get a lunch spot and a limited number of rare NFTs

Master Chef

Meet Our Multi-sig Signer

  • Rayol HwangMulti-sig signer
    CEO and Founder at Hillstone Partner
    Global Crypto Fund
    Chief Executive Officer at Hillstone Blockchain Center, and Krazylab
    Art Director
    Project Management
  • Kim Hyeong JuMulti-sig signer
    Chairman of Korea NFT Content Association
    Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association
    Chairman of Busan Blockchain Special Zone Policy Committee
    Seoul Metropolitan Government Deputy Mayor for Political Affairs
    17 th National Assembly member of Korea
  • Koo TaeOnMulti-sig signer
    Prosecutor of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office's Advanced Crime Investigation Division
    Financial Supervisory Advisory Committee of the Korea Financial Supervisory Service
    Vice Chairman of the Blockchain Law Society
    Law Firm Lyn co - founder


Other chef


Frequently asked Questions

  • 1. When will the donation end?

    A: Donation will end immediately after the donation amount reaches 2000 ETH. The extra amount will be refunded and considered invalid.

  • 2. When will the tokens be issued?

    A: Within 24 hours after the donation, donors who have donated can claim token on JuiceBox.

  • 3. Is there a refund mechanism?

    A: LunchDao has designed a unique cooling-off period for refunds, and the refund cycle is three weeks. If you apply for a refund in the first week, you can get 50% of the investment amount back; if you apply for a refund in the second week, you can get 70% back; if you apply for a refund in the third week, you can get 90% back. Note: The refund channel will be opened on the LunchDao official website.

  • 4. When will the three-week refund cooling-off period start?

    A: Users can claim tokens on JuiceBox within 24 hours after the event closed. Meanwhile, a refund channel will be opened on the official website of LunchDao. Please note that according to the rules of JuiceBox, users cannot apply for a refund once they have claimed their tokens.

  • 5. Why are the donated tokens constantly getting withdrawn? Is it the official behavior of LunchDAO?

    A: We will never take any donations for our own benefit. The tokens are withdrawn by users who wish to withdraw their funds. Users can withdraw their funds by clicking the “withdraw” button, then funds will be distributed to the LunchDao multi-sig wallet. This is determined by the operating mechanism of the JuiceBox platform itself. This is also a common issue with all the existing Dao projects: it makes people think that the project team is taking tokens away. By clicking the button, users not only pay their gas fee but also help the team to transfer the platform's tokens to the multi-sig wallet. Regarding this point we can make a commitment that every use of the raised funds will be approved by all the multi-signers and open to the LunchDao community.
  • 6. There are rumors around Buffett's Lunch Auction that it might not be held this year. If Buffett cancels the auction, how will LunchDao deal with it? 

    A: According to the latest news, the Associated Press has officially issued a document on April 25 to confirm that Mr. Buffett's last lunch auction will start on June 12 this year, which will last for 5 days, and the auction results will be announced on June 17. Associated Press news link: News Link
  • 7. How do you ensure fairness of the project, when it is pointing to rare meal coupons? 

    A blockchain contract will be deployed to generate a randomized hash value and ensure the fairness of the meal coupon lottery draw.

    How it works: We will deploy a lottery contract on Ethereum. Each donor can mint their own lottery coupons, and each lottery coupon has a unique lottery number. The contract randomly generates a unique winning number out of the lottery numbers of all meal coupon NTFs. The doner who has the same number of that unique winning number will be deemed as the winner. To ensure fairness, the random numbers we use are generated by Chainlink oracles, and the contract code will also be open sourced.

  • 8. What if the donation is less than 2,000 ETH?

    A: There are two backup plans:

    (1) We set 2000 ETH as the target as that is the amount based on the past auctions of the Warren Buffett lunch to ensure the auction will be successful. If a total amount is less than 2000 ETH, the donation's target would be adjusted. The donation would be closed early to prepare for the lunch with Buffett.

    (2) Hillstone Partners, one of the sponsors of LunchDAO, and Abu Dhabi Capital Group which is the UAE royal family business, both of them together have established a $1 billion fund. After the evaluation, if the funds raised from the donation are not sufficient for the auction, we would consider submitting an investment proposal to this fund.

  • 9. According to the AP News, this is Mr. Buffett's last lunch auction, which will definitely attract a lot of attention, and its price could be much higher than previous auctions. What if 2,000 Ethereum is not enough to win the bid?

    A: There are two backup plans:

    First of all, we initially determined the amount of 2000 ETH, which was determined according to the amount of previous Buffett auctions, a price that can win the bid with a high probability. In addition, for the sake of insurance, we will initiate a proposal to the community during the auction process, let the LunchDAO community decide the direction of the project, whether to initiate a new round of fundraising to increase the donation amount for lunch auction.

    If the community votes not to make additional donations, and there are other bidders who outbid more than LunchDAO, the bid will fail and we will open the three-week cooling-off period for refunds. After the refund period, remaining funds will be deposited into treasury funds for DAO governance. For the DAO governance scheme, we have the following proposals for community voting:

    (1) Due to the sponsor of the project, Hillstone was the first M&A fund in South Korea, with a team of professionals who have worked at top global investment banks such as Samsung and Barclays. Besides, Hillstone Partners and Abu Dhabi Capital Group are also considering the acquisition of OpenSea, which means we are able to combine and utilize DAO and NFT. Therefore, proposal 1 would be: Hillstone Partners Launches LunchDAO Dedicated Fund conduct investment management of the donation funds. Investment profits are mainly used for $Lunch user dividends, $Lunch token repurchase, and improvement of NFT holders' rights;

    (2) Proposal 2: CultDao model investment. According to the shareholder ranking of $Lunch tokens, a few members will be appointed as permanent members who can create proposals, and all the other members can vote on them. We will allocate investment to parties who have been success submitted proposals. Meanwhile, they will distribute dividends and repurchase to LunchDAO. For more information and detail will be announced after the auction is confirmed to be canceled;

    If the community votes to make an additional donation to win the bid, then we will directly initiate an additional donation.

  • 10. If we win the bid, basically all the treasury funds will be donated to the Buffett Charitable Foundation. Will there be follow-up funds for project operation?

    A: If LunchDao successfully win the bid, we will acquire 7 seats for lunch with Buffett. We are going auction 4 of them on OpenSea, and the profit from the auction will be deposited into our treasury. According to Buffett's past lunch auction amounts, each lunch seat is worth about $300-500k, which will be a good supplementary income for the treasury.

  • 11. How to empower $Lunch tokens in the LunchDao ecosystem?

    A: The $Lunch token is the governance token of the LunDao community. Community voting will be opened when LucnDao makes governance decisions. Users need to stake $Lunch tokens to gain voting rights. The election of community representatives, not only depends on how many token they have staked, but also the influence and fairness. Of course, token holders and NFT holders will also receive future treasury income dividends, airdrops and other rights.